Being a freelance artist
, my professional life is created by a myriad of different experiences and talented people.
I am an actor and have collaborated with many well-known and respected performers, directors, writers, designers and producers.
I am a filmmaker and have devoted my time, insight, creativity, storytelling ability, aesthetic tastes to 21 BELOW, a distributed feature documentary (6yr+ process) and several narrative shorts. As a producer, I have guided projects both creatively and financially through pre-production, production, post-production, festival circuit, outreach and distribution. Whether it is a play, an independent film, or some other artistic endeavor, my ultimate goal is to collaborate with artists as a guide, an outside ear, a sounding board and a facilitator.  I bring with me years of ever growing multi-faceted connections. My talents and skills keep me out in the field: working, cultivating, and growing.  My devotion and positive energy help me to see the Big Picture and guide projects forward with patience and care. I believe in an artist's empowerment through collaboration by which one achieves success, security and creative health.

That's my Big Picture.